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Posted by on Jun 18, 2013 in News | 17 comments

What was it like taking the instruments home?

What did you play? How did it feel? I’d like to know what you thought.


  1. I play a violin and it felt magical whan I first got my instrement

    Yous Sincerely, Elle

  2. i played a chello.i love i when im older im going to be in a arcister and play a chello!!!

  3. When I am older I am going to be the best violin player in the world and everone will come from all over the world to see me play my amazing violin

    Yours Sincerely, Elle

    • I loved taking my instrument home.

  4. I played it to my family.
    I learnt a tune on my ipod.
    It made me happy when I played it to my family!

  5. it was amazing when i played it because i love playing my viollin.

  6. it was amazing playing my viollin because i like a viollin

  7. I Play The Violin Taking It Home Is Amazing!

  8. i love my viollin because i learns me more

  9. Ilove playing my instrement

  10. i was playing my insment at home it was good elle

  11. i like takink my intrment home

  12. Im taking my instrument home today its going to be amazing its really cool I get to play peas pudding hot to my family and they are really proud of me I love playing The Violin.

  13. I like taking my instrument home in year 5 because we get to take it home for 2 nights!

    • Ilike taking the instrument home as well

  14. I love learning how to play the clarinet.My teacher is called Rosie Bott from the Manchester camerata.I like taking my instrument home because I get to show off in front of my friends and family and practice on my own.I like the website but the only thing is I can’t log on.

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