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Posted by on Jun 13, 2016 in Featured, News, Video | 0 comments

Blasting into space! – Year 2 music video


Over the last few weeks, the In Harmony Year 2 String Orchestra at Old Park Primary School in Telford have been working on a music video.

In honour of Tim Peake‘s visit to the International Space Station, and tying in with their ‘Space’ topic at school, the children learnt a specially composed song with violin and cello parts. They then worked on choreography to tell a musical story on the music video.

Three students from Coventry University’s Media Production course went with over 70 Year 2 children on location to RAF Museum Cosford to shoot scenes from the video.

The lyrics for the song are:

Blasting into space on a rocket made in Russia
Blasting into space, our British space explorer
Satellites, meteorites, angry aliens who want a fight
Blasting into space, to live among the stars.

Floating without gravity
Looking down on earth, what can we see?
All at once a presence I feel
An alien on board, yes I see they are real!

Now we’re up in space, zooming around in orbit
Now we’re up in space, flying around the planets
Satellites, meteorites, friendly aliens – what a sight!
Now we’re up in space, we live among the stars!

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