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Posted by on Mar 10, 2015 in Audio, Children | 0 comments

Year 3 and 4 blog about their full orchestra recording session on Monday

On Monday 2nd March we joined all our three orchestras together for the first time. It was a lot of children to get into the hall but we managed!

Our task was to record ‘Night on a Bare Mountain’ for our video soundtrack. We felt both nervous and excited. We were excited as we this was a new experience and extremely nervous in case we played a wrong note or came in at the wrong time. Playing with professional musicians was a super experience for us.

After the final note, we all froze, then let out a sigh of relief. It sounded amazing.

Year 4 – Old Park Primary


And some individual writing:

I felt nervous and shaky and weird because it was the first time we have ever done it was in front of other people with other instruments. It was a bit okay when we had to do it again and again but it was alright. I didn’t expect to be that good and it was done very quick and fast.

I thought it would go not very good but it was brilliant and I like being in the Brass – it’s hard but it’s awesome. I thought it would go horrible and noisy but it was great.

Holly-Jane Y3

I was happy and excited because when I can feel the music in my heart because it was peaceful.

Leah Y3

 I felt excited when we played night on a bear mountain because it was fun playing it with all the excitement with the brass making a loud sound then all the violins making a good sound. Woodwind having a good sound and when percussion do a little solo, then the violins do A,A,D but the first A was on pizzicato the second A is on a bow so it sounds different but nice. I also like at the end when everyone joins in and does Night on a bear mounting bang.

Lewis Y4

I feel really awesome I like the song and I love playing the trumpet because I like using the valves. Jeremy is a good music teacher. I love Night on a bare mountain when we are playing.

Mark Y4

What I liked about it was that we all played together. I felt all calm and I liked the brass because they all play together. We all got together to play together woodwind, brass, percushan, strings. I felt nervous when I started.

 Ruby Y4

On Monday we played night on a Bare mountain and it was amazingly good and the best and Jeremy Clay is the best music teacher ever I like violins, cellos and all the brass. Rosy is a violin teacher and Jeremy you’re the best.

Charley Y3

And here’s a little teaser of their recording on our audio page.

Next week we will be filming the footage to go with the audio track! You can read more about it here.


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